Here is what others have said about Scott Schwefel’s Presentations…

    “Scott is a passionate facilitator of the Insights Process. He has worked with our most gifted salespeople, who although were at first cyncial, were blown away by his content and expertise. He provided practical strategies to better understand themselves while better adjusting to the styles of others. Scott is one of the best!” January 18, 2012

    Tom Langseth, Allianz

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Scott in most of the roles that he has – entrepreneur, CEO, coach, speaker, and friend. One of the first things that I experienced with Scott was his passion for goal setting and goal achievement and his unwillingness to let others just slide through life talking about what they want, but never doing anything about it. I can honestly say that I have been inspired by Scott to pursue my goals and I have appreciated the ways in which he has held me accountable.

    Scott has that rare quality sometimes referred to as “presence” and sometimes as “the it factor”… Whatever you call it – Scott has the ability to command a room whether he is doing it from the stage as a keynote speaker, or whether he is doing it by just talking one on one with people.” January 9, 2012

    Brad Nauman, Mayor, City of Buffalo, MN

    “I’ve had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Scott over the past few years and he commands the highest respect among all his peers. Scott has the knowledge and expertise to address the complexity of corporate/executive development and his communication skills are unsurpassed. Company executives are very fortunate to have someone of his caliber engage their teams, and his collaborative influence has touched more people than can be imagined.

    Scott coaches, motivates and inspires all of us to be better people!”” January 3, 2012

    Tim Lacy, Chief Sales Officer/National VP Sales and Operations, Walgreens

    “Want a WOW experience? Find a way to be in the same room with Scott Schwefel. We’ve worked together as clients, colleagues, and collaborators. I’ve seen him in the front of the room, as a teammate, as an executive and as a coach. His knowledge of his subject is deep. His commitment to a top-shelf outcome for the client never falters. He’s a ninja at reading the room and adapting to the Unforeseen. I always come away stretched, and inspired, and smiling.” January 2, 2012

    Joan McIntosh

    “I have been acquainted with Scott for three years and we met because I was intrigued with Insights. Scott answered my questions, discussed ideas and helped me to understand the strength of the Insights tool and what it could do for me and my business. He did all of that in about 5 minutes!

    Scott is a person of passion and strength. Scott believes in himself and others. He believes in Insights. Scott understands people and business. I know that Scott understands the global economy and the importance of improving our market niche by understanding and motivating self, especially during times of uncertainty and change. I am a direct example of Scott’s success.

    Because of Scott, I am now a Licensed Practitioner with Insights Discovery and I love it! I use Insights in my life and business every single day. Scott’s passion for his work inspires me to continue mine. He has helped me over-come obstacles by working creatively and patiently with me. As a small business owner, I appreciate that. If you are interested in working with Scott for any reason and he wants to work with you, I say go for it!” September 5, 2010

    Bobbi Jo Toy, CEO/Idea Master~Sporting a black belt in ideas!, Wise Ideas by Toy, llc

    “Scott gave a very engaging presentation to the Twin Cities Entrepreneurs using the Insights approach. I was so captivated that two years later when I client asked me if I “knew anyone who knew Myers-Briggs” I told them Scott’s Insights approach would be the most helpful to them. Scott generously gave of his time and expertise to this organization, and they were mesmerized. The Insights approach has given them a powerful way to understand themselves and others, and value differences. Each organization Scott influences, he brings to a higher level.” August 17, 2009

    Anastasia Dzenowagis, PMP, MIM

    “I was first introduced to Insights Learning in 2008 by a talk Scott gave to a group of Twin Cities Entreprenuers. It took no time for him to convince, impress and motivate me all at the same time. He has exceptional energy and a genuine passion for what he stands by. In 2009 I invited him to talk to a professional women’s council audience at Goodrich. That room of 50 never felt more motivated and light hearted. He had everyone convinced the Insights system works! I highly recommend him and his team.” March 16, 2009

    Shweta Humad Sharma

    “Scott is driven to help people become stronger (in many ways) and to improve the effectiveness of the organization through his Insights Training program.” March 10, 2008

    Jim O’Reilly

    “I have used Scott’s Insights services at several different organizations I have worked for. I found the services provided to be of excellent quality for a very fair price. I would highly recommend Scott and his Insights team for any Organizational Development work to be done. Scott even came to my Rotary group and put on one of the best presentations of the year!” January 13, 2008

    Eric Gustafson

    “Scott, is a great networker, is really focused on Business Results.” September 25, 2007

    Jeff Hagen, Director, Business Development, entero

    “Scott and his company are leaders in the field of organizational development. I have had tremendous success building teams and developing individuals within Carlson Companies utilizing the expertise of Scott and his company.” October 30, 2006

    Joe Raasch, Carlson Companies

    “One of Scott’s greatest gifts is his ability to motivate. He is able to be so effective at this, because he truly understands the unique needs of the individual and how this relates to their goal attainment.” October 14, 2004

    Dawn Joy

    “If you want energy, talent and inspiration look no further than Scott Schwefel!” January 18, 2012

    Jon Newberry, National Sales, Account Executive, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

    “I’ve known Scott for the past 15+ years. Scott is truly one of a kind; gifted with a wonderful sense of humor and true passion for motivating people. Scott has been helping people reach there true potential for as long as I can remember. All in all, a great guy who can help take your personal and professional life to the next level.” January 11, 2012

    Ryan LONEY, Sales Executive, Business Impact Group

    “Scott has repeatedly assisted our foundation with ideas that have increased our donations and volunteer awareness. I have know doubt Scott will increase traffic or awareness of your company, when your willing to use his services.” January 6, 2012

    David Larson, Founder, Flags For Fallen Military

    “Scott is a highly energetic speaker and trainer who brings great knowledge and practicality to all he does. As one who has started several businesses and run them successfully, Scott’s real life experiences and stories both inspire and teach individuals and teams to work more effectively at whatever the task.” January 4, 2012

    Mary Texer

    “I have worked with Scott and witnessed his remarkable enthusiasm and passion on a daily basis. I have also had the opportunity to attend presentations delivered by Scott, He has the ability to effectively make his points, provide valuable learning, and connect with his audience. Scott is a dynamic speaker and I would recommend him to anyone.” January 4, 2012

    Neil Peterson, Sales, Benchmark Learning

    “I have known Scott for 34 years and witnessed his entrepreneurial skills before either of us even knew what an entrepreneur was. These skills are his nature and have been polished by over 2 decades of learning, doing, and growing in the business world.

    His highly personable nature engages and energizes those around him. I have yet to hear him speak in his present role but his presence in my life has had a tremendous impact on me and my success over the years.

    Colonel Lane Seaholm, USAF, retired.” January 3, 2012

    Lane Seaholm, Vice Wing Commander, McChord AFB

    “I knew Scott when he was the CEO (Chief Energizing Officer) at Benchmark. When I originally saw his title on his business card, I was a little confused, but after spending time with Scott, I realized that the title truly matched his talent and job focus. Scott was charged with managing a team of very intelligent IT Instructors as well as the sales and support staff needed to keep them busy. With the continuing changes the IT Landscape has faced over the past 15 years, keeping a diverse team like Scott’s “energized” and working hard towards the company’s collective goals must have been an exhausting task. Scott took it all in stride and he was well liked and respected by his team, clients and business partners.” January 3, 2012

    Ginney McAdams, Executive Vice President, ExecuTrain of Milwaukee

    “Scott is very positive and has helped Globe University in numerous ways. He brought us Insights, which improves communication and helps our students discover their strengths as well as areas to improve. He’s helped us focus on our mission of strengthening communities through education. Thanks Scott!” January 2, 2012

    Jeff Myhre

    “Scott is a high energy/high impact speaker who I have enjoyed hearing speak at local industry events over the last 14 years. His message is always timely and relevant with key take-away ideas that I can begin leveraging as soon as I leave the seminar. His business success gives him increased credibility speaking in front of business professionals. I would recommend Scott as a professional speaker guaranteed to draw a crowd and leave a lasting impression!” December 30, 2011

    Emily Krolak, Regional Account Executive, SkillSoft

    “Scott’s ability to connect to an audience is second to none. His deep understanding of human behavior, personalities, styles, beliefs and values allows him to connect with anyone. I’ve also found Scott’s insights and techniques around goal setting to be the best I’ve read. His own life story is truly inspirational, and this inspiration carries forth in his work. I highly recommend Scott as one of the best key note speakers in the circuit, as well as an accomplished trainer.” December 30, 2011

    John Opron, formerly Eaton Corp.

    “Scott is a dynamic and high energy presenter that engages effectively with his audience. His ability to relate and provide real life stories along with insightful ways he connects with the audience is why we have leveraged him numerous times to train our company as well as be our key note presenter at our 2nd Tech Fuse event at Benchmark Learning in 2009. If your looking for someone to educatate your team or clients on effective communication/collaboration which leads to high performance team/company, I would highly recommend Scott.” December 30, 2011

    Rick Flath

    “Scott was able to get our group to better understand each other and their respective attributes! He drove the import of communication and its role in achieving our goals!!” December 30, 2011

    Joe Ryan

    “Integrity, intelligence and fun are my words for Scott. I am fortunate to be part of Scott’s team now and once before in the last 10 years. He is a talented speaker, and consistently gets high marks from his audiences. I highly recommend him as your speaker for a meaningful experience you won’t forget.” December 30, 2011

    Anne Ersfeld, Client Support Manager, Insights Learning & Development

    “Scott inspired me to become a certified Insights Discovery and Team Navigator facilitator. His passion for developing self aware leaders that deliver business results and have fulfilling lives is tremendous and contagious!” December 30, 2011

    Ana Cristina Lapera, Fannie Mae

    “Scott was a speaker for one of my Vistage group retreats. This group in particular can be hard to please especially when working on soft skill issues. Scott brought enthusiasm, expert knowledge that engaged a very diverse group of individuals. We still reference his work in our meetings, years later. I highly recommend him as a speaker to executive and business owners.” December 29, 2011

    Beth Armknecht Miller, CMC

    “I’ve seen Scott speak several times when I have been on the roster as a speaker the same day. He’s a gifted presenter who fills the room with energy and effortlessly keeps his audience engaged. Scott delivers meaningful, practical material with the ease of a humorist. He’s one of the very best speakers I’ve seen, and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to give their event a boost.” December 29, 2011

    David Mann, Communications Consultant, Presentation Coach, Speaker, David Mann

    “We use Scott at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business to help us with our Insights implementation. Scott is very creative and has great ideas for content delivery. We have reached out to him several times for ideas on how to train specific Insights concepts. We like working with Scott, he is personable, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable about the Insights product.” December 29, 2011

    Jodie Udell

    “Scott is a dynamic speaker and people just love him. He fires up a room like no one else.” December 29, 2011

    Craig Elkins, Managing Partner, Insights Learning & Development

    “I have known Scott for many years. He is an exceptional individual and extremely passionate about leadership development, team-building, and communication. He is an enthusiastic, motivational, and entertaining speaker. Scott’s credibility and sincerity is real because he is not speaking theoritcally but rather from living his cause! I highly recommend him.” December 29, 2011

    Cindy San Hamel, Vice President – Operations, Benchmark Computers

    “I would highly recommend Scott since he was our keynote speaker on several occasions and my audience just loved him. He is easy to work with, is very well prepared, really knows how to work an audience, and has that charisma and charm that the audience really enjoys.

    If you book Scott as a keynote, he is worth every penny. He is a true and rare entrepreneur with a lot of high spirit, loves life to its fullest and continues to challenge himself on many levels. Don’t hesitate to call him, I consider him the very best of the best and he has really earned it from his experience as a business owner and the many adventures his life path has taken him.

    When you call Scott, you’ll start your audience on their own adventure and they will walk away with great information, insight, and they will definitely be empowered.” December 29, 2011

    Jim Cormican, Founder / President, Twin Cities Entrepreneurs

    “I’ve never met anyone more passionate about, or dedicated to, the critical job of improving employee productivity than Scott. His knowledge and processes will help guide your organization forward and his infectious enthusiasm will inspire you and your team.” December 29, 2011

    Don Kvam, CEO and Chief Growth Officer, CRU Advisors

    “During the 15 years i have worked with Scott, I learned he is a consummate professional, a great leader and an exceptional speaker. There is a lot to like about Scott but a few of the things I appreciate the most are; his positive attitude, unbridled enthusiasm, ability to deeply connect with an audience and his deep and broad knowledge and understanding of his subject matter. You will enjoy working with Scott.” December 29, 2011

    Tom Moen, Sales, Product Manager, Systems Engineer, Microsoft

    “Two words: Passion & Energy!

    Scott embodies both and throws himself into everything he does. I have worked with Scott in different capacities over the past 15 years, and during that time his passion and energy has not varied.

    His belief in people, their capabilities and inherent value comes through in everything he says and does. Truly a treat to know and call a friend and business partner.” December 29, 2011

    Geof Lory, Manager of Expectations, GTD Consulting, LLC

    “I’ve had many opportunities to see Scott speak and train over the past 10 years and he has definitely become an amazing presenter, especially on the topics of team building, relationships, sales and motivation.

    His Insights presentation is the best personality styles presentation I’ve seen as Scott delivers the perfect balance between head and heart. The information is solid and Scott is able to draw his audience in and make them happy to learn and grow

    I would highly recommend Scott as a keynote speaker or workshop presenter to anyone looking to educate and inspire their people.” December 29, 2011

    Ken Horst, Internet & Social Media Marketing Geek, Horst Companies Inc.

    “Scott is a dynamic speaker, and delivers a great keynote speech. His content is engaging and memorable, and lingers long after the event. He explains the Insights Discovery model, and why different personalities do what they do as a result, in a way that changes the rest of the conference dramatically. Consider using him for your next company event, or sales conference, your people will never forget the experience!” December 29, 2011

    Colleen Lilly, Blogger, www.yourmindbodyandsoul123.com

    “Scott is an intelligent and inspirational speaker who creates great engagement and resonance with his audience. He is likable and has a great sense of humour. I wish him well.  Peter J. Smyth, Ph.D.” December 29, 2011

    Peter J. Smyth, Management Consulting and Professional Development; Qualified Lumina Learning Affiliate, The Counselling Institute

    “Scott is an engaging and powerful speaker. His energy is contagious and energizing. Scott brings so much to the table with his experience and personality. He has a presence about him immediately when he walks in a room. I am honored to have worked with him and would give him my highest recommendation.” December 28, 2011

    Kris Martin, Sr. Director, Enterprise Solutions, Insights Learning & Development

    “Scott is a energetic, well organized dynamic motivational speaker!! Scott has clear and profound message with a great delivery. Highly recomend him!!” December 28, 2011

    Brian Jenks, Senior Financial Services Representative, Principal Financial Group

    “Scott is extremely passionate when it comes to finding jobs and helping people achieve their goals. He knows what it takes to not only get hired, but to be successful. He has a unique way of understanding people and knows how to get the most out of them. That skill, combined with his expertise in running a business, hiring and working with people, make him the ideal person to help you with your job search, career or professional goals. I highly recommend Scott as a trusted resource who can help you.” December 28, 2011

    Matt Krumrie, Jobs/Career Columnist, Star Tribune

    “I met Scott while serving on the board of directors at CaringBridge and was always inspired by his energy, insights and motivation. He is continually ‘thinking big’, and provided constant encouragement to the organization to move beyond what they often thought was possible. He provided an Insights workshop to the board one year and his session was enlightening to us all, both personally and professionally. You can count on Scott to get results!” January 13, 2012

    Lisa Pope, Digital & Brand Strategist, Pope Consulting Group Inc.

    “As a 6-year board member, Scott provided invaluable vision and insight throughout our aggressive growth. He is an inspiring and engaged board member that pushes you to think differently, challenge assumptions and stay positive. With a warm, engaging personality, Scott helps create a casual yet focused and productive tone to board meetings. His deep knowledge of interpersonal communication styles and group dynamics helped our diverse board leverage its unique gifts and talents. It has been a pleasure and a gift to work with Scott.” January 1, 2012

    Mike Stadelman, Director of Marketing and Communications, CaringBridge

    “Scott has been at the front of business development and motivating everyone around him since I met him twenty years ago. He is a leader and a winner. Few can say they have the business credentials he does. He is the kind of guy you always want on your team or making a toast at your party.” January 13, 2012

    John Salzsiedler, Director – Business Development, Master Technology Group- MTG

    “Scott has been my mentor for many years. He has great passion for both work and life and continues to motivate and inspire myself and others.” January 3, 2012

    Trebor Stanton, Student, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

    “I invited Scott to come speak to my management class when I was an Adjunct Professor at the University of St. Thomas. Between Scott’s presentation and the follow up Q&A, Scott spent more than an hour with our class, and the students thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. He is a bright, enthusiastic and entertaining speaker who really relates to his audience. His upbeat but thought provoking style really connects. I highly recommend Scott as a keynote speaker who will deliver a high energy and fun component to your meeting.” December 31, 2011

    Rob Carr, Interim President and CEO, Halo Innovations

    “Scott has been an incredible source of knowledge for my start-up business and his consulting advice has helped me out tremendously. He sure knows how to light up a room with his personality and wit. I highly reccomend Scott as an inspirational speaker and business leader for anyone looking to learn a thing or two from an entrepreneurial wiz.” June 24, 2011

    Brett Loney, Sales and Marketing Manager, Incspear

    “I have know Scott since my adult learning career began, over 10 years ago, working with him at Benchmark Learning as a service provider for key accounts. He encouraged my membership at PACT, which lead to many career and prospect development opportunities. Scott is an accomplished, charismatic leader and an exceptional presenter.” May 10, 2010

    Heidi Dorazio Bougie, Major Account Executive, Element K Corporation

    “Scott was an inspiration to everyone who worked for him. He was able to quickly connect with people on their level to the point of gaining discretionary output from employees while having fun along the way.” January 23, 2010

    Jeff Defren, Training Advisor, Benchmark Learning

    “Scott has been an incredible mentor and friend for the past 20 plus years. He has consistently supported me with insight and integrity.” January 14, 2008

    Tom Waknitz, Technical Trainer/Senior Systems Engineer, Benchmark Computer Learning

    “Scott is a very bright business man, full of life and ideas. In his role as CEO, he was truly the ‘Chief Energizing Officer’ and the heart and soul of that organization. Scott is a tremendous resource for any organization that wants to inspire their team to greatness.” December 29, 2004

    Ron Noden