Motivators: How To Empower Big Picture Thinkers


My previous four blogs were all about the four Primary Insights Colors: Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, and Earth Green.  You may have found that yourself or your coworkers fit mostly into one of those categories, but not completely.  That’s why Insights Discovery has gone deeper to define the eight primary Insights types, which is what my next eight blogs are going to be about.  The eight types include the reformer, director, motivator, inspirer, helper, supporter, coordinator, and the observer.  Make sure to check out my upcoming blogs to learn more about the types!

I’d like to start my series of the eight primary Insights types on the Motivator.  Motivators fall on the color wheel in a spot that makes them a combination of red and yellow energy.  Motivators, as you might assume from the name Insights has given this group, make great leaders.  Their enthusiasm is infectious and permeates throughout the organization.  They are great at inspiring others in positive ways to achieve objectives and their optimism keeps teammates going when there are setbacks along the way.  Motivators are empowered by responsibility and the possibility of failure.  Motivators see the big picture and work to get the job done in their own way.  If there is a system that needs to be followed, provide Motivators with feedback in an honest but fair way.  Motivators like to encourage coworkers as much as they like to be encouraged.  If the Motivator you know is having an off day, lift their spirits by letting them know what a great asset to the team they make.  With the ability to bounce back quickly from setbacks, a little encouragement may be all they need to turn their day around.

There is so much more to know about Motivators!  To learn more about this infectious personality and ensure they thrive in your company, schedule me, Scott Schwefel, as your keynote speaker.  Connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter so you can continue to learn about the eight primary Insights types!