How To Recognize Coordinators

idwheelEvery employer’s dream is to have an employee who is dependable, loyal, with high expectations of self.  The next of the eight Primary Insights Types I want to talk about is the Coordinator.  Coordinators explain the exact qualities of the employee listed above.  In this blog I’ll talk more about the qualities of Coordinators, how to recognize them within your organization, and how to capitalize on their inherent skills.

You may already have several Coordinators in your organization and have achieved this without even thinking about it.  They may be the employees who have been with you forever, always do exceptional work, yet they aren’t top of mind because it seems they’re never too anxious to take center stage.  As a mixture of Cool Blue and Earth Green, Coordinators have a high amount of introverted energy.  Coordinators do best with systematic tasks that require precise instruction to do the job right.  Because of their logical minds and a thirst for data, they know they have done the job right when the evidence is tangible.  Be sure you let your Coordinators know how valuable their skills are and and how much you appreciate their work.  Keep their strong and steady loyalty by showing regular support and be careful to not take advantage of their hard work and dedication.  Possessing a high amount of cognitive and sensing abilities, Coordinators expect the same of others.  Because of this, they are unlikely to voice their opinions and ideas, unless asked.  If you initiate conversation and ask for their opinion, you will ensure your Coordinators feel valued and respected, thus increasing their loyalty towards your organization. 

Coordinators are valuable assets to any team.  They are like the strong and gentle hand that guides coworkers to the right decision using facts, logic, and data.  To learn more about Coordinators, contact me, Scott Schwefel as your keynote speaker for your next team-building event.  There’s so much more to learn about Coordinators and how to tap into their brilliant ideas and opinions.  Connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter where I share my weekly blog!