How To Make Supporters Feel Valued And Appreciated

insights-colour-quadrant-earth-greenSometimes when people have a problem, they seek out a person they know that will show understanding and won’t criticize them.  If you have a person in mind that you go to when support is needed, this person could very well have a high amount of Earth Green energy, thus making them the Primary Insight Type the Supporter.  In this last blog in my series of the Eight Primary Insight Types, I’m going to talk about how to make sure Supporters feel valued and appreciated within your organization.

Supporters prefer a controlled environment with minimum change where they can focus on mastering their skill.  Once their skill is mastered, you will be amazed at the consistency in which they do their tasks.  Because of this love of consistency, Supporters appreciate it when they are given ample time to adjust to change.  You can expect copious amounts of loyalty from Supporters, a positive quality to have in anyone in your organization.  Supporters mainly get their name from their ability to forge and maintain strong relationships.  They go above and beyond for those that they care about.  When someone they care about does come to them with a problem, Supporters try to find a way to relate to the issue and do what they can to see all sides and create harmony.  Supporters make great mediators.

So, what’s the best way to show your appreciation for someone who is a Supporter?  Support them with affirmation and reassurance that they are doing a job well done.  When approaching a Supporter it’s all about your ability to relate to them.  Remember that they don’t like change and to not overuse their good nature.  Motivate Supporters by giving them plenty of time to complete projects and make decisions on their own.  When interacting with a Supporter, take the time to listen to them and let them finish their thought.  Supporters are great listeners and expect the same out of the people they are having a conversation with.

Are you wondering how to improve communication and efficiency within your organization?  For your organization’s next training or team-building event, consider the impact of helping your employees understand each other.  With improved communication, messages are transmitted clearer, which creates fewer questions, thus increasing accurate and efficient work output.  To get this kind of experience for your employees, contact me, Scott Schwefel of Insights, and get me on the schedule as the keynote speaker for your next team-building event.  To see what I’m up to and get notified of my new blog posts, follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  For a sneak peek of what you can expect for your next company event, find me on YouTube!