Directors: How To Capitalize On Their Leadership Talents

imagesThe Primary Insights Type I’d like to talk about today is the Director.  The Director is Insights Discovery’s Fiery Red color energy.  When teams need someone to get a task done and push it through to the end, they look to the Directors they know to ensure goals are accomplished.  In this blog I’m going to talk about how to keep the Directors in your company interested and excited about your goals and how to make sure they remain a powerhouse and asset to your team.

Directors love change and new challenges.  They possess a high level of extraverted energy, which means Directors are best suited to managing tasks that require high-level thinking and important decision making.  If you task your Director with a project which requires hours of research, you will most likely push them into boredom as they love the excitement of making deals, decisions, and managing teams.  When given a task, Directors face it head on.  While examining all solutions, they may find several avenues in which to grow the project.  Directors are happy to take ownership over the project as they prefer loose direction and will move towards expanding their project where necessary.

When working with a director, be honest, forthright, and stand up for what you believe in.  Directors feel let down when they aren’t given the facts.  They let people know where they stand with them, return the favor and let them know where they stand with you.

Who do you know in your company that is task oriented and always gets the job done?  Do they usually turn the project you give them into something more than what was originally intended?  If so, you have the amazing force of a Director within your company walls.  To learn more about how to harness Directors and to learn more about this Primary Insights Type, contact me, Scott Schwefel, as your keynote speaker for your next team-building event.  I explain personalities in a fun, safe, and easy to remember and apply way.  To learn more about me and what I do, connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter where I post my weekly blogs!