Setting Goals


Setting goals can be more difficult than we think. Try sitting down and thinking of a few goals you want to accomplish this year, or think of some goals that you have accomplished recently. Did you get a much-desired promotion or move to a new city? Sometimes the goals we have for ourselves in our home and work lives aren’t always the goals we should be focusing on.

Half the battle of setting a goal is writing it down. Start smart with your goal setting- make your goals things that are

• Simple
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Results-oriented
• Time sensitive

By creating goals the smart way, you can start to see improvements in your daily life that you may not have noticed before.

How to set goals

Setting goals for yourself is just that- setting goals based on you and what you want to accomplish. This might include work goals but can also include goals in your personal life or things you want to work on as a person. Think about what you know of yourself and who you are, what you know you are good at, and what you might want to accomplish based on those things.

Your goals can be anything under the sun, but some categories for goals could include physical goals, spiritual goals, goals related to your family and friends, and financial or work goals. These goals can be as big as taking a trip around the world or as small as creating a beautiful garden for your family to enjoy. Goals should be reasonable and have outcomes that you can measure, in addition to being accomplished in an obtainable period.

Practice intentionality

Now that you’ve decided on a few goals, write them down and keep them visible. If you carry a notebook around, write your goals down on a page where you will see it every time you open the notebook up. If you’re on your computer a lot, set your goals as a note or a background picture to keep them visible. This helps keep your goals in your mind subconsciously and consciously; the more you are thinking about them, the more likely you are to behave in a way that will push you towards accomplishing those goals.

When you’ve accomplished a goal you’ve set, congratulations! Relish the accomplishment and think about what you might want to set as a new goal next.

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