Primary Insights Type Reformer: How To Appreciate Them

Reformer 8-TypeEvery team and organization would benefit from having the Primary Insights Type Reformer on their team.  They keep standards and ethics high and make sure everyone else is on task as much as they are.  In this fourth blog of my series of the eight Primary Insights Types, I want to talk about the Reformer and how you can make sure they know their efforts are appreciated.

Having high standards of self and of others, the Reformer’s main goals are perfection and excellence.  Reformers thrive in an organized environment in which they have the freedom and space to do their job.  In a perfect world, Reformers would be given ample time to examine every avenue and consider multiple solutions to a problem.  This is necessary for them to know they have chosen the best option possible.  This tendency should be taken seriously as it’s their attention to detail that benefits companies and what makes their output something that makes money for everyone.  Be sure to recognize their hard work and perfection.  Though Reformers can’t help their drive for excellence, they know they work hard and will continue to happily put forth their best efforts if they are recognized and appreciated. 

Reformers not only have high expectations of themselves, but they also expect a lot out of others.  Great teammates would be other individuals who appreciate direction and prefer to work under pressure.  Not only can you count on Reformers to do things right and to perfection, you can count on them to do it ethically. 

Doesn’t this sound like the type of employee you want on your team?  By pairing Reformers up with the right people who will share the work load and recognizing their hard work, the Reformers in your organization will be long-time, loyal, and trusted employees.  To learn more about Reformers and how to make sure this Insights Type is valued in your organization, contact me, Scott Schwefel, as your keynote speaker at your next company event.  Follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to stay connected and become notified of my new blog posts!