How To Relate To Fiery Red To Enhance Its Strengths

imagesWhen at its best, Fiery Red color energy really gets the job done, but when misunderstood, the Fiery Red color energy can be a difficult energy to get along with.  However, when understood, Fiery Red becomes an important ally, effective boss, and easy to interact with, in a get-things-done type of way.  Since we only have control over how we treat others and how we handle situations, in this post I’m going to talk about how to relate to the Fiery Red color energy to enhance its action oriented strengths.

Fiery Red is one of Insights four primary color energies, and when coupled with earth green as a person’s lowest color energy, it is also represented as the “Director”.  My next blog series will go into the depth of the Director, and all the other Insights Discovery 8 types.  Individuals with Fiery red energy make excellent project and team leaders, and tend to meet challenges head on.  Fiery Red appears more difficult to interact with when its bluntness is misinterpreted and taken personally.  Gain the respect of Fiery Red by standing up for yourself, staying confident, and being strong and direct.  Fiery Red lets you know where you stand with it; this energy wants to know where it stands with you.  Possessing extremely logical viewpoints, Fiery Red is an energy that feels let down and frustrated when statements aren’t frank and to the point.  However, frankness should never cross the line into destructiveness.  When interacting with Fiery Red, remember that it has a vulnerable side that it shies away from showing.  Gain Fiery Red’s trust with patience when arguing your points and allowing it to release its energy, even if release of that energy means loss of Fiery Red’s collaborative demeanor.  Working with Fiery Red in this matter will build a strong relationship with a mutual plane of trust.  Once trust is established, Fiery Red will know that your relationship is worth making compromises for and that your viewpoint is worth listening to.  A relationship with Fiery Red is valuable because you will have created an ally and teammate that knows how to get things done.

Every organization has a mixture of color energies.  When coworkers interact with each other in a constructive and understanding way, remarkable things are accomplished.  Instead of dissonance and butting heads, you will experience cohesiveness and efficiency.  By scheduling me, Scott Schwefel, as your keynote speaker, I will come to your group and address the difference of personalities in a truthful, fun, and easy to understand way.  Follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to share my blogs with the color energies you work with!